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Rob Ijbema,living and working in the UK,born in Amsterdam.
This Dutch artist has been passionate about art and cars since he was a young boy.
Rob's passion for motor racing,first led him to capture cars in 3d,
now,these completely home build scale models,exclusively build for drivers teams and sponsors, can be found in the offices of champions; Williams F1 in the UK,Team Gannasi in the USA,private collections of Montoya, name but a few.

However after achieving everything he set out to do,a new challenge was called for;Rob's passion of painting took over;landscapes en plein air,wild life,abstracts,and ofcourse racing cars.
The artists prefered media are oils and acrylics.
His unique,flamboyant style is recognised by galleries,drivers,racing teams,private collectors and motor racing enthousiasts worldwide

Rob's paintings concentrate on the dynamics and colorfull excitement
of cars at full speed.When a car screams past,it throws up dirt,stones,
bits of rubber,it loses heat,the car is shaking,reflections of light bounce all over,there is to much to take in.
The painter in Rob is confident enough to paint outside the lines,he wants to show more than just the right amount of rivits.He is a painter of movement and light.

painting the landscape on location is a challange,
the changing of light and shadows,atmosphere,the Welsh weather,
all have to be captured in a couple of hours,
wich results in a painting full of life and real colours,
something that cannot be recreated with studio works.
these conditions make him part of the landscape.....


Permanent showings at:

Williams F1 Grand Prix conference center
BAR headquarters
Jordan Grand Prix originals
Silverstone old race control tower
Alex Reade int. London
The Paintbox gallery Worcester
Erwood gallery
SMTS Hastings
Goodwood and Coys art shows