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here we go;
after several request,I will try and show you how I paint racing cars........
this is what I start with;


I'm a real magpie,prounching the web for images.
I manipulate,copy,paste,basicly use anything
to speed up the first stage,time is money,
can't wait to start painting,aren't computers great.......


I start with blocking in the dark areas,
like shadows and sharp shapes with payes grey,
this is my scaffholding,knowing I will go a bit wild later on,
I need something that holds the structure in place.
cars have straight lines,curves and details that are important
to it's character .

from my plein air adventures I know that shadows are not black,
so I will put washes of color over them as I go along


blocking in the road,with a mixture of;
permanent magenta,med.cad.yellow,touch of ultra m. blue and white.
these are the three basic colors i use
a limited palette!


playing with ultra marine: still only using one brush,
it is so old,you can't reed the number but it is fairly big.
I'm painting on paper,small,8x12''......

trying to paint light effects,rather than details.....or even a car!!
those light effects can be turned into speed effects,
and the ball starts rolling............


what a difference a little red makes....mind you.....I hardly touch the stuff,
most of it is magenta.

when racing cars teare through the air,
they spit out all sort of bits,a lot of hot air,bits of rubber and the tarmac gets a thrashing too!
this is a good excuse to push some colors of the car around the scenery,
and get some of the scenery into the car


thought I spoil you with a self indulgend detail shot
right the next stage is it;how far do I take it,witch details to pick out,wich ones to destroy.
this is the stage where even I get confused!


well this is it..........better stop now........
right, next one !!